The Triumph of Love

Leonida & Agis

Being stuck in one place will make you insane, I have to agree with that.

Having almost two weeks stuck safely in my nest I just felt that I need to get out of the house – and to the library off I went, one of my favourite spot in Manchester so far, apart from my lovely double bed. Earlier this Friday I did just the same, popped out at the General Reader Section, spent two hours dwelling in the soft comfy seat reading magazines. And a few days ago, again – knowing it was Monday and my mind has just go numb doing maths (which unfortunately is not something I really like) I just decided to go to the Royal Exchange Theatre again, straight from the Central Library, see if there is still any ticket for the show that is running now – The Triumph of Love by Marivaux. The £4 ticket for Happy Monday scheme for under 25s is still there, I even had the chance to choose my favourite seat – one in the second row.

Unexpectedly the show was just two hours, which was good since I still couldn’t get my mind off the unsolved past years exam questions, and though it was just for two hours it did well in making me happy – I mean, I am not usually happy to the extent that I can feel the blood rushing towards my face nowadays. If there was a mirror I could have seen myself blushing! Sometimes, to get a smile to appear on your face is to just do something spontaneously – that’s how the adventure comes along.

So, there I was, in the second row, it felt strange somehow to be there without a date, but luckily there was a guy (not lucky that he IS a guy, lucky that there was someone) who sat beside me, alone as well. And since there were only two of us in the row, it must have seen like we both came together..;P

Back to the incredible show – two breaks – which gave me enough time to reflect on each scene I watched previously, and the main actress proved to me she was brilliant, funny, and I just loved her! The story goes like this: This princess, Leonida falls in love with a guy she saw in the wood, who turns out to be the supposed-to-be king of her kingdom, who is unaware that he has lost his right to be crowned because the princess’ father had previously killed his parents. Agis, the handsome ( I must admit that he is good-looking, more or less a Hugh Grant lookalike) guy, was taken care and brought up a philosopher Leontina, and her brother Hemocrate, groomed with the idea that the princess and her family are bad people. So the princess set out to fight for her love, knowing the risk of being hated if her real identity is known to Agis, disguises herself as a man trying to find a place in Hemocrate house. She successfully seduced Leontina to marry her (as a man), exposed herself to Hemocrate as a woman and victoriously seduced the guilt-ridden rational philosopher to marry her, and at the same time gets Agis to fall in love with her (after exposing herself a woman). The plot goes like that – all the tangles of Leonida being a woman for a while and a man for another while – and the story ends happily as the princess reveals to all that she is the princess, kindly enough to give back the throne to the rightful Agis (then be his wife, so the throne is still hers anyway).

There again, a love story, but apparently I didn’t think hard on this one, intentionally watched to have a time away from my suddenly-so-gloomy room. But again, the idea of love at the first sight – between Leonida the princess and Agis, and between Agis and the woman he barely knows (Leonida who disguises herself) – does not appeal to me at all, so impractical and for me, if you just happen to like, or maybe love a person just because of his/her look, it is nothing but lust. And if you are like Hemocrate and Leontina who are easily seduced by a person who seems to love you so much, then you are impossibly weak. I am no romantic – that is why the lyrics of the song You’re Beautiful by James Blunt sound ridiculous to me (you just saw her once on the subway and thought that you are meant to be with her? What the heck!) – so those ideas are just nonsense, but it gives me no harm just to assume that they were valid for the sake of enjoying whatever I watched.

It is not that I reject all those feelings, it is just that all that romanticism (if I got the terminology correct) has long taken us away from reality. We are taught that a good guy should treat his lady with, erm, say roses and chocolate, and all those expectations built from reading romantic novels and films will ultimately bring you frustration as you deal with reality. I don’t want to get into marriage with thousands of dreamy, unrealistic, movie-based expectations on what my future partner should do or should not do, which will at last leave me heart-broken, so why should I let all those images get into my conscience?

Not that I despise love stories, some of them are exceptionally realistic and tells us how far people would go for the sake of love, which is undeniably sacred in my eyes – sometimes we just have to know that there are greater things in life. But after all, I do believe what Leonida did what right, go fight for the one you love! Buck up!



  1. you’re beautiful= pegi-mampos-love-at-first-sight..

    aku tak suka, aku tak rasa romantic pon kalo husband aku bg choc.hahah.

    “…go fight for the one you love”


  2. Lagu tu ridiculous sgt kan?

    abes ape yg romantik? rumah banglo 3 tingkat? heheh

    ahah..tak setuju xpe..aku rs if we really want something and think that that something should be ours, by all means we should fight for it.. takkan nak biar org fightkan utk kita?

  3. Yup, I do agree that plays are good remedies. Sebulan tak tgk play bole rasa separuh mati tau!

    Fight the one you love, fight for what you believe – couldn’t be truer!! Because that means we have conviction. And there’s this quote: To live with conviction, is to live life without purpose.

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