Missing in Action!

Along’s Graduation

Abg Wan and Kak Mimi’s wedding


Along and Abg Rezal’s wedding (Ignore the date, it was not on my birthday 3 years before :P)

The history of my family, if to be written, must have looked like this:

December 2004 – Tok passed away (I wasn’t there, reluctantly sent back to college, and until now I haven’t been to her pusara, too heartbroken to do that)

April 2005 – First graduation ceremony in my nucleus family- Along’s convocation (I wasn’t there, not allowed to attend due to the IB intensive revision program)

November 2005 – First wedding of the third generation of Hj Salleh’s Family : Bg Wan (my eldest cousin) & Kak Mimi (I wasn’t there, already gone to Manchester)

28 May 2006 – First Wedding in my nucleus family: Along & Abg Rezal : (I wasn’t there, busy struggling for my killer Thermodynamics paper for my exam)

End of September 2006 – The birth of the first fourth generation of Hj Saleh’s Family : Amni Nasuha (I wasn’t there, the timing was so incorrect, has just gone back to Manchester a few days earlier)

Early February & March 2007– sending off my baby brother to MRSM, this was a big and important event, considering how unexpected it was.. I even cried for him getting into MRSM..hehe..though the school itself is within walking distance from my house :P, celebration of my sister’s preganancy, and my another sister’s good SPM results (I wasn’t there, of course)

August 2007 – the birth of the first third generation in my nucleus family – my niece i.e. my sister’s babygirl inshaAllah, Alya Khairina if it turns out to be a girl.( Pretty sure that I won’t be there, might be crying alone in Egypt..heheheh)

One day I might wonder where was I all this while, missing so many important events in my close-knitted family. But after all, I should have prepared for this long before, when I first listened to a JPA officer saying that going to study oversea means we are facing the possiblity of not being there for kenduri-kendara, or worse, the funeral of any family members. If I have to look back to all these one day in the future, I hope I won’t have any regret, because it is all about sacrifice. And when it comes to Allah, every sacrifice done will not be wasted, InshaAllah.

Al Maidah:24

‘Katakanlah: ‘Jika bapa-bapa, anak-anak, saudara-saudara, isteri-isteri kamu, keluargamu, harta kekayaan yang kamu usahakan, perniagaan yang kamu khuatiri kerugiannya, dan rumah-rumah tempat tinggal yang kamu sukai, adalah lebih kamu cintai dari Allah dan RasulNya dari berjihad di jalanNya, maka tunggulah sampai Allah mendatangkan keputusanNya. Dan Allah tidak memberi petunjuk kepada orang-orang yang fasik.’

p/s: My mom doesn’t encourage me to go back home this summer. Such a strong mom I have.
p p/s: couldn’t find the pictures of baby Amni I saved in my laptop before, it should be included here as well.



  1. time fly by, feel like all these just happend yesterday
    Ud lifted my spirit at the end, thx for the Holy Quran quote.
    U can always ‘steal’ Amni’s pics from my blog. (I need to update on her) 😀

  2. wuaaa.. 😥
    sedih je bace entry ni
    same la kite
    macam2 event dah kite miss
    but i take what you said
    And when it comes to Allah, every sacrifice done will not be wasted, InshaAllah
    cant wait to finish up evrything n go home for good

  3. Hehe..macam lagu Atas Nama Cinta : ‘Moga dalam hitungan setiap pengorbanan..’

    Inshaallah, bersangka baiklah dengan Allah 🙂

    Ok..ok..here is a correction (well-spotted by my sister) The first convocation in my nucleus family is in 2002 which I did attend..in 2005 is 2nd graduation ceremony,my sister got her degree in 2005. sorry for inconsistency in history recording..nghahahaha

  4. hehe congrats kt fahmi,jgn ajar die nanges2 dh,blaja dr ko la ni nanges2
    alya khairina..nnt eh acik dila dtg tgk..prepare a big smile for me

  5. ok ape nangis. bukannye xsihat..hehe

    pegila tgk dia nnt, tlg tgk bagi pihak aku 😛

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