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I’ve been longing to write this entry long ago, but unfortunately, when I have the time to do so, the passion does not come. That is bad, because one rule that I stick to in writing is ‘only write when you have a strong urge to write’. Or else, the entry will turn out to be boring and meaningless accroding to my own standard.

I signed up for Introduction to Environmental Technology course, or modul, whatever it is, earlier this semester. It is one of the elective courses offered, and since I need a course with ‘environmental’ word in its name to keep me motivated, I chose that instead of Introduction to Biotechnology. In fact, I decided to do MEng Chemical Engineering with Environmental Technology.

The course is ran differently from my other courses, basically because the lecture involves listening only, while the others have me writing, and calculating. Nevermind that, it is good to have a difference once in a while.And grateful I am, my professor turns out to be real good. I mean, she (yes, a ‘she’, and that makes me proud) is excellent. Prof. Adisa Azapagic.

Well, having to write less, and just spending my energy listening keeps my brain thinking for one hour non-stop.

Sustainable development, that is the first concept that is taught- it is about trying to meet the need of the present without compromising the need of future generation. I think that is common sense, it is just that in practical it is not that easy. Which is easier, throwing a plastic of rubbish into the bin or having to separate them? For a lazy person like me, obviously, recycling is not my favourite activity.(except for my piles of used paper which I’d rather keep than throw, it is just that I have a sense of sympathy). And I believe it is much harder to tell ‘makcik-makcik’ in the village that they have to make an effort to do that because that will help reducing the probability of flooding like what happened in Johor (Yes, admit it. All the chaos occured lately was due to global warming). And that will contribute to reducing the depression of their children who happened to live overseas, because winter has become extremely cold, and even extended to spring time.

But bear in mind, that is what we have to do since we have agreed to be the ‘khalifah’ in this world. I still remember the first ayat tilawah that I learned in Pendidikan Islam subject back in Form One : Janganlah melakukan kerosakan di muka bumi. I can remember from which chapter but I know such verses do not appear once in the Quran. And that means it is very important. Maybe we should start doing something. Yeah, you can say that there is no use if I am the only person doing all this environmental-friendly stuff, but small things count. It is not the result that is counted by Allah, it is how we try and what we do.

And the Prof. Azapagic mentioned three components of sustainable development: Environment itself, Economy and Society. And living under capitalism, or mixed system, whatever it is somehow makes companies less concern about the effect their activites have on the world- because anyway, what important is money. That is what we are taught. That is what I am taught. Chemical engineers are employed to make money, and that is why some of my lecturers are a little bit sarcastic when they have to mention about various acts that restricted the money-making production.

If it is the system of economy that forces the industry to be cruel, there must be a solution if we adopt the Islamic system- because that is the fact (if we are true believers, I think) – Islam is the remedy to all problems int his world. To my surprise, there is an article in : Muhammad s.a.w as the pioneer in Environmentalism. Is not that great? The full article can be read here , but I’ll give an excerpt:

Muhammad was a strong proponent of the sustainable use and cultivation of land and water, proper treatment of animals, plants and birds, and the equal rights of users. In this context, the modernity of Muhammad’s view of the environment and the concepts he introduced to his followers is particularly striking; certain passages of the hadith could easily be mistaken for discussions about contemporary environmental issues.

Enough said. One good way of thinking, which I copied from my friend, is that, what Rasulullah s.a.w would do if he is here (regarding this matter)? Don’t you think he will make recycling a must? don’t you think he will endorsed this practical acts:

# buying goods in returnable and recyclable containers;

# learning where you can take items to be recycled then show your support by recycling;

# reading labels and learning more about contents in household products. Try not to purchase items with harmful ingredients;

# making suggestions to stores to offer paper bags in the produce section and to discontinue using plastic bags at the check-out line, except for special products or upon request;

# letting store managers and manufacturers who are making good environmental choices know you recognize and appreciate their efforts;

# requesting larger quantities and sizes of products by introducing a bulk buying section for grains, pasta and other dry goods;

# using consumer hotlines provided as a service by many food companies. Explain the need for environmental shopping and why you support it. Companies are very interested in how their products are perceived by consumers.

After all, small things count right? (But if you happen to have the power to change the system that governs all this, that would be so much better I bet)

p/s: Many thanks to : Along & abg Rezal, Hanee, Sapeq, Kak Dayah,Kak Abby, Lani,Rokhy (yg sudi temankan aku tgk teater ),Anas, Raudhah,Hakimah, Far, Rabani, Diey, Nadiah, Kak Khairiah, Adik-adik : Iqah, Arif Fahmi busuk, Shamil, and Shahida, Shah, Pyan, Aliemojo, Ihsan , Huda, Hanafee Zin,Wak, Junior semsas (Syamira & Dan), Khalis, Azy,Dilah,Efi..ada lagi yang daku tertinggal kah? Thanks for the birthday wishes 🙂



  1. Happy Birthday (Im not late I think, Malaysian time) 🙂

    Good to know, ud chosen yr minor, hope someday u’ll make a diff, and the new breed of chem engs will also make a diff

    I think, the current publicities on the awareness of global warming are because of capitalism. Lots of country are worry, the global warming may affect their economy surpass what they own via manipulation of the environment. Everything now is about economy, let say if enviromental pollution doesn’t affect their economy, I don’t think we will hear the global warming issue etc and the importance of keeping our earth clean.

    Islamic teaching like ud mentioned is the best, not solely for economic reason, but because of our responsibility as a ‘khalifah’ on this tiny earth we share.

    Do you think the suggested lists are applicable for Malaysian consumer? It must be weird when I request a paper bag at the groceries Haha

  2. hahah,zaman sekarang memang comes first.Hal lain belakang kira.Kasihan pada alam ini.
    Hepi besday anyway.Hope its not too late.Aku hadiahkan doa saje utk ko ok?=)

  3. I totally agree with your writing rule, because that’s my sacred rule too. Which explains why I have so many stuffs save as draft. Kalau sendiri tak puas hati, macam mana nak bagi orang baca?

    I believe you’ll be a helluva (lagu sekolah – I’m a helluva5x enginner!)environmental engineer, love!
    I decided to minor in Econs and Biz instead, because my mind is already stuffed with all those engineering courses. And I don’t be an engineer forever, so I figured with some E&B background, I could go into Mgt, or maybe Corporate Finance * I not ambitious?*
    But maybe I just be a boring writing-enginner for the rest of my life.

    Glad to hear that you enjoyed Virginia Woolf. I’ve checked out the movie version from the lib a few days ago. Might watch it tonite, since they’ve canceled the fireworks due to the spring snow storm. Believe it or not, some counties have tornado alert. Tornado, I kid you not, in March!!!

  4. hafiz mz,
    thanks for the additional info bro.

    well, try bringing your own bag/paper bag next time maybe?


    thanks byk2! doa itulah yg paling aku harapkan, if any.

    ciz haz,

    ameen – semoga betul aku jadi helluva env engineer!
    hey, there’s nothing wrong with being ambitious! reach for the sky, baby 🙂

    tornado..hmm..reminds me of the day after tomorrow, my fav film so far.

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