Shi shi shi

si shi si
shi shi shi
shi si shi shi si
si shi shi si shi

4 is 4
10 is 10
40 is 40
14 is 14

A nice tongue-twister eh? I got only 4 out of 10 marks for pronouncing those words πŸ™‚

I signed up for mandarin classes at international society this semester. Routine is killing me, so I think I better try to learn and do something new. I miss learning new languages so much, the last time was when I learned Arabic for my PMR. I am planning to go to Egypt later this summer, Insha Allah, so the need to further revising and learning that important language is kept on hold for the time being.

It is good to learn a new language (well, at least it makes my brain working in a way different from the way I use it for logics and maths) and others’ culture as well.

I guess what sparks my interest in this language is the book I read before – Wild Swans , on the history of China under Chairman Mao. That is really a good book, I would have read it again and again, it makes me more grateful of what I have everytime I do.

Anyway, I am recovering quick from my one-week battle with various illnesses : a strict to-do list way of working is deteriorating my health, it keeps me pressurized and restless unless everything is properly done. Huh!

Hao de, really want to write again but my to-do list is hunting me unless I’ve crossed out every item.

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