Wayne Rooney: A Paradox

So I admit, I claimed to be very busy yet I still had time to read Wayne Rooney: My Story So Far. But I guess that is the only luxurious thing I have done in this week, basically when the internet was down and none of my work can be done (see how internet dependent I am?)

Yes, again I need to make a confession, I was once Roo-struck. I was. I use past tense because after reading his biography can’t stand even looking at his face, which seems to appear almost everywhere, on a bus, at a bus stop, on the newspaper. That is why I said it is a paradox. I read his biography out of my interest on him but lost it as soon as I reached chapter 3 of his book.

Obviously I am no fan of other than his outstanding skill on pitch and err, his cute face, but seriously, I found it stupid and unacceptable for anyone to take any footballers let alone any other celebrities as their role models for their lives. Their lives I said, because there is nothing wrong to copy their skills or whatever. It is just that I found that stupid if you look up at a person who never read newspaper, never even bother to vote during election, does not even know anything about what is going on in this world (I wonder if Rooney actually know there is a war in Iraq anyway or that there is a country named Malaysia), to look up for someone whose life consists of nothing other than work, which means football, eat, and rest. Come on, Wayne Rooney does not even have a real hobby. Football should not be considered a hobby anyway because it is his career, and sleeping is NOT a favourite a pastime. It is a need.

You might wonder why I write this, you might not understand because this is the way girls watch football. We are impressed by the skills, and the looks (admit it Haz, you are just like me) and also, eager to know the footballer we like as a person when they are not wearing their club shirt. You see what I mean? That is why tabloid sells. There is a demand for that. Heh.

On the other hand, I pity him and of course those who lead a life like his. An empty life. Loads of money, but empty. Oh, please. No one should envy him doing what he likes most everyday and get paid for that. There is more to life than doing what you like. There is more to life than getting loads of money, but to give the life a meaning. I am thankful that at least, I know where I am heading to.

So, I am grateful that I did not purchase that book, either from e-Bay or during the book-signing at Waterstone’s (yeah, I was there) that I patiently reserved that book from the Central Library and waited for my turn. At least I don’t waste my money, only my precious three hours reading this book.

I promise I won’t be excessively excited when he gets to play, I will just be a moderate, err, Man Utd fan.

I rest my case.




  1. Hey, I’m completely aware how shallow CR is. But still am admiring his family sense, though. He loves his family – immediate and extended – to pieces! And the great dribbling skills. And the cute, commercial face.

    I’ll be honest now. At first, sure, it was all about the looks. But as I follow his personal life, and realized what kind of person he was – all the fooling around, and the rape allegation – I stick to what he does best – football. Frankly, I love Man U more than I like CR, and if he ever moves to let’s say, Chelsea, I don’t think I’ll like him any longer [same case with Shevchenko. I lost interest after he left AC Milan, mi favorito de clube del futbol en Italia – why am I speaking Spanish?!].

    So yeah, I agree. We should look up to people with more fulfilling lives.

    However, I still found CR’s struggles against poverty and how his career has helped him to give better lives to his parents admirable.

    But then again, maybe I should wait for his autobiography to come out before I decide on anything like that, aye?

    Because I do think it’s so sweet of Ronny to buy that mansion in Florida for Coleen’s sick sister.

  2. Because I do think it’s so sweet of Ronny to buy that mansion in Florida for Coleen’s sick sister.

    It is Rooney, honey, not Ronny. There should be a correction.

    Yeah, I do find Rooney, well, a somehow family person, which is nice, and a few other characteristics which make him so sweet such as : He tends to get angry easily on pitch just because he wants to win so much, but in real life, he is a laid-back person who will just laugh if there is someone calling him ‘Potato Head’ or ‘Shrek’. A humble person I guess.

    But hey, I am approaching 22 in no time. Gotta change my childlike excessive excitement really.

  3. Sorry, I noticed the spelling mistake, but am too lazy to change it.

    Are you kidding me?
    I’ll be 22 in two weeks, but am clinging to every bit of childishness as much as I could.

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