Pulang ke Pangkal Jalan

Back in SEMSAS, when I was is Form One, I was to choose whether to do Art or Music. I chose Art, obviously, because I knew that was what I like. But the teacher was very selective. One way to help him choosing the students was to examine their fingers. Yeah, I heard before that from one’s fingers, we can know whether one has an artistic talent or not. His comment when finished examining mine was:

‘Hmm..ada (talent) juga. Tapi tak tetap pendirian’

Ignore the first sentence, because I am gonna make a point on the next one. I had never admit that I am indecisive but for the time being, I blame that trait for constantly changing my blog server. OK, I return to blogspot. I’ve tried Multiply, I’ve tried Friendster, but I come back here. Sorry for any incovenience.

p.s: I have a consistently changing handwriting. Is that a symptom of indecisiveness?


One comment

  1. Inconvinience?

    Tak la.

    Because I can totally relate.

    Saya pun selalu berpindah-pindah juga!
    Seriously you have changing handwritings?
    Same here!!!

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