Are You a Betrayer?

I missed half of the activities in Muslim Week organised by ISOC, which was quite bad since I hardly missed any of ISOC talks in the previous year. Regretful as I am, there is little I can do about that. Given my turn to cook on Tuesday, and a day-long discussion on our lab report on Wednesday, I really had a good excuse not to feel guilty for not coming.

And another good consolation is the saying that says the amount of knowledge I get does not matter that much compared to how much that I practice. Ilmu seharusnya membuahkan amal, making you closer to Allah. That is one of my good friends said to me, when I whined about my short stay in Melaka last summer.

And that is what I tried to do.make full used of what I gained today from the talk by abu muntasir. Who am I?

He talked about muslim identity, which suddenly made me think: am i showing the real identity of a muslim all my life? He said that each of us should try to discover who we are as muslims, and he guaranteed that we will find that we have a world to offer to the world. I know that is true. So true that the history has make it undeniable. Take a look at previous muslim scholars. I have just been reminded that the whole work I am doing on my batch distillation lab project stands on the base founded by Jabir ibn Khayyam thousand years ago. Imagine what he has contributed and still contributing to the world: distillation, I believe, is the most used separation process. No car would have run on the road if no one knows anything about distillation.

Of course, the strength to go that far comes with the belief that whatever hard work that we do in this world is not solely for the worldly benefit, but also to be counted and rewarded by Allah in the hereafter. That is why a muslim should be as hardworking and industrious as he/she could be, because he/she would not reach a point where he/she would think that whatever he/she is doing is useless.

Abu Muntasir,is indeed thought provoking. He successfully reminded myself how I have betrayed my religion whether I realize it or not. He lets me question myself: Have I shown the real attitude and behaviour of a real muslim when I am among the society? Among my friends? Among my design projects group mates? How do I react to an issue regarding Islam? Is it with anger that illustrates my ignorance? Or with understanding that reflect the true belief of Islam?

He began to address issues concerning British Muslim and questioned our attitude towards everything rouse against us. Admit it, we tend to have this mindset that we are always the victim. We can’t do this and that, yes but why do we choose to allow ourselves to feel inferior? We give the consent, that is the problem. Comparing ourselves with the early companions of the Prophet s.a.w, what we endure nowadays is only a tiny little fraction of what they had suffered in those years. If we can compromise in a lot of things (though this idea does not appeal to me that much), we are giving a better image of Islam.

Abu Muntasir did discuss about what a British Muslim can do, some of them do not relate to me, but after all I am just thankful that I am born in a country, though as secular as it might be, is reigned by Muslims. I agree, we have not reach the point to say that Malaysia is a fully Islamic Country but at least Muslims is a majority (Ignore the cases of murtad and rejection of Shariah Law for this discussion).

But of course, the struggle for British Muslims, the strategy of dakwah and so on is different from the one in Malaysia. But after all, we are Muslims and supposed to be united by the same faith. Wherever we are, there are eyes that keep watching to judge and to generalize, so to show the real identity of a Muslim is a definite must.


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