Nuramirah: It starts now..

I am pretty sure most of us (at least I myself and my friends here) were moved by the news on Nuramirah who successfully becomes a hafizah at a tender age of 10, concluding from a number of messages on MCOT mailing list forwarding the news report, and YM messages sending the link to me.

I was moved too (and ashamed of myself of course). I truly am, as few days before that I read an article in ANIS Magazine about two families, without any background in tahfiz al Quran have successfully raised their kids to be huffaz. One parent is a chartered accountant, who successfully developed a system to memorize the al Quran and opened a school (or class maybe) to train small children to become huffaz while all of his 13 kids are already huffaz or in their way to become ones. Another one risked not sending his kids to conventional system of schooling to send his son to various teachers to study al Quran as well as memorizing it. I have no wonder why people of the past can memorize al quran, the environment was indeed conducive but I believe it is not a piece of cake when you have Akademi Fantasia on air everyday, or a bunch of half-naked woman when you switch on your magic box . Their parents deserve respects for the effort of providing the environment and for realizing that they are not going backwards by training their children to become huffaz.

I believe that most of us who read the news report were somehow inspired to educate their future children to become huffaz (while some(one) was inspired to take Nuramirah as his wife..hehe), which is a very good intention- planning this and that for their children – and I am not excluded from being a dreamer too. It is good, indeed it is because the second marhalah amal listed by as-Syahid Imam Hassan al-Banna is to build a Baitul Muslim – which is one of the smallest unit in a Daulah Islamiyyah – the most important unit which will affect the ummah – if the family institution is strong, obviously the society will be strong as well.

But having learnt and read only the very first chapter of Tarbiyatul Aulad, I was like –hey, I want my kids to be good as gold but where I am right now? Am I good enough? – it is not enough to think that to have a kid as successful as that is to start learning parenting skills (though MCOT might probably organize such seminar later) and wait until you get married to apply all those things you have learnt, because tarbiyatul aulad start from the very scratch.. It starts long before you get married, long before you know who your partner is. What we do now, before we marry someone will definitely affect our children later. Thus, while we were dreaming to do this and that to our kid we better ask ourselves have we tried to be a good muslim/muslimah – inshaAllah later a good partner and parent?

You might as well remember the story of a young man, who ate a fruit (an apple I guess) without knowing whose fruit it was, and later realize how sinful it was to eat before asking the permission form the owner, made an effort to find the owner, found him and was asked to marry the owner’s deaf, blind, and disabled daughter for compensation- who actually turned out to be a perfect girl who had never sin nor seen any other man except her father, never listen to any bad things, and never speak anything but good words. And the child born from such a blissful marriage grew up to be a great scholar in Islam – Imam Syafie r.a if I am not mistaken. Would you expect such thing if you and your soon-to-be spouse go out for a date every other day? Will the berkah still be there?

Studying the very first chapter of that book, I came to realize that marriage in Islam in whatever way is trying to protect the children- to protect the new generation born from that marriage- and actually protecting the ummah. Why does act like zina and adultery receive a very harsh punishment? Because Allah doesn’t want us to do that act: it is violating the life of the child born from that illegal intercourse: would that child be happy and proud to know that he/she is a love child (What a euphemism) Would he/she be happy to know that he/she does not know his biological father because his/her mother made love to so many people hat she can’t actually point out who the father is? May of such cases ended up with the poor child being depressed especially in a conservative society where being ‘anak haram’ is not considered normal.

I can still remember the sentence said by the ustazah when we were discussing about the first chapter of that kitab. ‘Kalau kita tengok hukuman yang Allah tetapkan, dan kita lihat betapa banyak dan teliti syarat-syarat yang perlu dipenuhi untuk melaksanakan hukuman tersebut, kita dapat rasakan bahawa Allah yang Maha Pengasih sebenarnya seolah-olah tidak mahu melaksanakan hukuman tersebut- hanya sebagai warning – don’t do this, the punishment is so severe you can’t handle it’. (But why does so many people oppose the idea of fully implementing the Syariah Law? ..*Sigh..*)

Another aspect that shows how Allah wants every child born into this world would have the best environment and background is that Allah sets a guideline on how a person should choose his/her partner. Why did Rasulullah suggest a man to marry a woman who comes from a good bloodline? And woman to accept any virtuous, god-fearing man who asks for her hand? Because Islam does prioritise the welfare of the children born from that marriage. I once read a story about an adopted child, born illegal to a troublesome young mother. Though raised in a very good foster family (her foster father was an imam), she still had this tendency of stealing and often caught doing that by teachers at school. Maybe this is not a good proof, but it shows something, right?

Above all, we are the change that we want to see in our society. If what we dream is a peaceful society, we should start building it right now. Whether we want a kid like Nuramirah, or we ourselves want to be like her, it should begin NOW!


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