Trying to understand..


(I wish I could write this post earlier)

aku di sini kan tetap terus mencuba
untuk beroleh cintaMu
walau ranjaunya menusuk pedih..

that’s part of my favourite song, which still can make my eyes teary every time i listen to it. if i am not a muslim, or someone who live in this circle of Islam, i would be amazed and confused by how hard people are trying to get Allah’s love. Why? and why? there is such a faith and believe that is sometimes not understandable.

everytime i read stories on the love of the sufis i just can’t help myself from thinking…what make them soo in love with Allah? One of the stories that still amaze me was one that i read from the book ‘Cinta kepada Allah’ (this book i bought right after i came back from nadwah kepimpinan islam, kisas 2001–so spirited to do a make-over :P), it was about a person (may Allah bless him) who accidentally cut his hand and the blood that dripped off his hand made a shape of Allah’s name. subhanallah. Also a story on an ‘abid who loved Allah so dearly that he just detached from the world, went on a hill, shouted his Lover’s name and fell down and dead.

the same kind of amazement struck me when i read the sirah on The Second ‘Aqabah Pledge from ar-Raheequl Makhtum. i spent a hard time trying to understand how these great people think when they are about give their pledge. I learnt about Aqabah Pledge years ago, even had to memorize the articles of the pledge when i was 10 but only after 11 years that i really understand what kind of faith these people had that they are willing to sacrifice everything they had for the sake of the newfound truth. (see how much they valued the truth?) i asked myself, if i were there at that time, would i do the same thing? would i give up everything for the sake of some one that i just knew?

i would like to copy down this part:

“when they (73 men plus 2 women)gathered for the pledge, Al Abbas bin ‘Ubadah bin Nadlah said: ‘Do you know the significance of the pact you are entering into with this man (Muhammad s.a.w)? You are in fact affirming that you will fight against various people. if you fear that your property will be at risk or the lives of your nobles will be in danger than leave him now, because if you do this after the pledge, it will be degrading for you both in this world and the world to come. But if you think that you can carry out what you are called upon to do in spite of the loss of precious lives and property, then undertake this heavy responsibility, and I swear by Allah, that herein lies the good of this world and that of the next.’

They replied,’We have already considered the loss of property and the murder of our notables, yet we pay him allegiance.But what is our reward if we observe all the items of this pact?’

The Prophet s.a.w replied: ‘Paradise is in store for you’.

(Would I do the same thing if I were there? Would I sacrifice my life for something that i haven’t seen?)

when i was young, when i learnt the fact that our Prophet Muhammad s.a.w died in Madinah instead of Mekah, his birthplace, i was like ‘Kenapa Rasulullah x wafat kat tempat lahir baginda?’ mcm somekind of ralat..why madinah? but after i read the answer from our prophet s.a.w to the question asked by Abul-Haitham bin at-Taihan:

‘O Messenger of Allah! Between us and the Jews, there are agreements which we would then sever. If Allah grants you power and victory, should we expect that you would not leave us, and join the ranks of your people(meaning the Quraish)?’

The prophet s.a.w smiled and replied:

‘Nay, it would never be; your blood will be my blood. In life and death I wil be with you and you with me. I will fight whom you fight and I will make peace with those whom you make peace’

Enough said i guess. It is just amazing how Islam bring out the best in people, how Islam make someone so determined, how a strong faith makes someone stand still for what one believes is true, how an unshakeable faith will make someone believe in Allah’s promise, though it is unseen, how Islam makes two groups of enemies become brothers, how the love for the truth made these people saw no way of turning back and regret…

and how stupid would i be if do not hold dear what i have right now..


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  1. Following Afnizars’s blog below, let me direct you to a three-part audio lesson on “Love in Islam”, by Sh. Abdallah Adhami.

    It’s featured at the SAKEENAH site and is in MP3 format, in three parts for download:

    Part 1: Lecture

    Part 2: Q&A

    Part 3-Q&A

    Sh. Abdallah talks about love and the context by which it is applied in light of the Qur’an. Sh. Abdallah also expands upon how love, when properly understood, can shape and define our deen within the scope of gender relations.

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