It is SNOWING in Manchester!

I was comfortably tucked under my duvet reading the forever unfinished ‘ar-Raheequl Makhtum’ when i got a phone call, and before i can answer it, taking a glance out of my window..i shouted ‘It’s snowing!’ and i knew the phone call is from Hanee anyway (which is usual) to tell me that it’s snowing (which is unusual).
Don’t blame me for being so excited about this that i am writing a post about this. it is rarely snowing right here in manchester. Call me jakun or wuteva u want, but u see, with those pictures i will upload in no time, it is evident that home students are equally excited.
though i was excited, i half-reluctantly came down with my beloved camera (if it is not because of me being considerate to my sister who might be dying to see these white pics..heheh) just to see other excited malaysians -Rashdan n Apai, the over excited Hanee & Aidah, and Wani.
I have stopped paying attention to weather forecast that i was not waiting for snowing (it is ridiculous too to hope, winter has nearly came to its end). The view is looks like in one scene of Narnia. beautiful a scenery.
But however exhilarating this might be for us the newcomers, winter has always been associated with boredom, dullness, and death. Each winter, thousands of people die of coldness due to lack of heating. some people just can’t afford to heat their houses appropriately (while the ever ungrateful me sometimes complaint about my heater overworking that i feel uncomfortably hot). I can still remember the headline of a pamphlet appealing for donation i received earlier this winter: ‘When you are 65, mom can’t keep you warm anymore.’ And inside there was a picture of a deceased old woman, who died last winter. Winter death.
Excerpts from news:
-Temperatures plunged to minus 35 degrees Celsius (minus 31 Fahrenheit) in some parts of Poland during the last week. Eight people froze to death late Friday, bringing the toll this winter to 199, police said.
-In Romania, where the mercury was forecast to drop to minus 25 C (minus 13 F) over the weekend, five more people died. Some 55 Romanians have perished of cold this winter.
What is fun for us might not be even close to fun for others.*Sigh*
why do i complain too much about the weather being too cold, while i was blessed with excessive amount of warm clothings (that i am planning to give some to oxfam later, there is not enough space for them)? While the 3 millions homeless kashmir earthquake victims don’t even have a shelter when the winter arrives? Forgive me O Lord. I just whine too much.

for more pic click here


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