Month: February 2006

What a sweet lil’ baby!

Baru sahaja pulang dari menziarahi kak Nikmah (my best frens’ ‘mak angkat’) yang baru sahaja selamat melahirkan anaknya yg kelima (on the 10th year of her marriage if I am not mistaken). Yeah, I was kinda excited, basically i did follow the increment is the size of her mom’s belly..heheh.used to touch Kak Nikmah’s belly when the baby was still inside there.. have spent three nights accompanying kak nikmah when her husband went to perform Hajj, so i did talk to the baby before she was even born.. trying to understand how a mother feels when carrying a living creature that weighs more than 3kg inside her stomach everywhere she goes for 9 months.
And now the baby is out of her comfortable nest, seeing the world.
‘Ateeqah Anum.
A nice name indeed..a bit classical, but hey, i might as well consider naming my child Ateeqah Anum anyway.
And I was so excited to see the baby that I was the first to hold her in my arms..heheh..seriously, having a baby on your lap was so nice..something that bring some kind of peaceful feeling (This only valid if and only if the baby is not crying).
Having this beautiful baby (who looks so much like her sister ‘Aisyah) so close to me made me think.. what lies ahead for this tiny lil creature? Will she managed to cope up with this crazy world? I keep praying that she will grow up to be one of the jundullah..
and it also made me into thinking..did i live my life up to the expectation of
my parents when they first saw me? have i been a good daughter as what they hoped & prayed (i knew they did) when i was born? how far have i deviated from the fitrah in which i was born in? what colour am i now? am i pure white as when i arrived to this very world?

To see more pics of the visit pls go to MY FOTOPAGES

p/s: Rasulullah galakkan kita attend the funerals of our brothers/sisters (antara hak saudara yg harus dipenuhi) supaya dapat ingatkan kita pada kematian, but menziarahi i.e. pi tgk2 a newborn baby mengingatkan diri betapa kotornya terkena pencemaran dosa…