Month: January 2006

Who are we competing with?

Tamat sudah peperiksaan. Lega? Mungkin sementara waktu..buat after that a hectic life will soon begin again! yeah! really love a life with something to do. Just can’t tell you how much i hate having a very long holiday (e.g. masa tunggu result IB..panjangnya sampai kebosanan dan x sabar2 nak sambung study balik). Holidays for me are always holidays..i dun really have the heart to do any schoolwork.. seriously. I can’t recall how many times i have set up timetables for study & revision back when i was in school..but none of them was really useful to force me into doing works.. study..whatever. holidays are meant for rest and reenergizing yourself. It has been a good therapy for me, because when I am back to school again I was filled with this remorse feeling & guilt of wasting so many hours, that i struggle really hard during the term time.
I would love to write about competiton. Who are we competing with? Our predecessors? Our contemporaries? Or our own selves? Do we really need to be better than these people?
I came across the idea of competing with myself when i read an article on CLEO. The introduction of the article was centred on the story of a career woman who managed to be very excellent in her job, self-management and some other aspects. it seemed like she, rather than trying to beat her fellow colleagues, trying at every second to be better than what she was a minute ago. She kept competing and that’s it , she became best employee her company ever had, without her intended to be the best.
what’s the advantage anyway? first, you know where to put the limit. either you know that you can do so much better than what you are doing now, or you just know that you gotta doing something on your very own phase. the key is to know yourself; your strengths and weaknesses.
from my very own experience of trying on every chance to be the best (when i was in school), it just didn’t work. Yeah, i might be the best among my friends, but it was not the best that i could do. Maybe i was just satisfied by meeting my aim and being in such a comfort zone, (that was to be the best among my friends) but i wasted so much of my potential that i now realize that i should have achieved more. this may not if you just simply put a limit to your ability and use it as an excuse for not trying harder..but again, the key is to know yourself.
above all, i think competing with yourself is good that you won’t be peer-pressured.



Salam.. 2-3 hari ni x pastilah kenapa urge nak berblogging ni semakin menjadi2. Maybe sebab asyik tgk blog org, teringin pulak nak ada blog sendiri kot. Tapi rasa2nya tuh bukan main reason..terasa mcm ada kepentingan berblog..i’m a faithful journal writer but i guess blogging is different. Journal rasa macam sumthing more personal, maybe reflection about my life, tp blogging ni more of sharing. Sharing experience, knowledge etc.
Kemahuan yg disekat2 (heheh..mana taknya..i’m now in my exam week!) mmg menjadi2 laa..(agaknya ni la nature org strongheaded, lagi xleh n lagi byk constrain lagi kuat kemahuannya) maka ter’open’ juga akhirnya blog ku buat kali kedua. (1st time masa kat friendster, but then rasa mcm this bloggy thing so wasnt me so trus delete).
InsyaAllah, kali ni nak maintain betul2 supaya bermanfaat kepada diri sendiri and org lain gak kot (InshaAllah) This blogging culture (Is it appropriate to say that it has became a culture anyway?) is good for me, it makes ur self heard, to the world if u r lucky enough. I did browse a few blog servers, and they list out the changes that this ‘blogging’ phenomena brings.. i might want to list them down later, but now i gotta finish doing my past years exam question. My lust (to have a blog, ok?) is finally satiated.
Now my mind can rest in peace.